Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Soccer, Jersey Shore and Carlo's Bakery - Week 6

Another busy week and weekend back here in Jersey.  It is safe to say we are doing our best to take full advantage of our time out here - especially while the weather is as warm as it has been.  I have been told by many of the natives that this is one of the best Fall seasons they can remember in terms of weather and of course I am taking full credit!!  Why not - California has to get credit for doing some good in the world since the Gold Rush was 165 years ago, right?!!

Soccer Updates - Jersey Shore & Woodcliff Lake
Ian had his first big soccer tourney with Arsenal this past weekend in Wall Township, which is located by the Jersey Shore (close to Asbury Park and home of the Boss!!).  His team is really making strides as they start to embrace passing the ball.  They went 2-1-1 which was a great result.

The boys had a chance to do some bonding on the Jersey Shore on Saturday.  Beth and Ian explored the Boardwalk, played some games, went on some rides and I am sure there might have been a funnel cake or taffy in there somewhere.  I had the chance to watch Ian on Sunday and got this great action shot (see above).

Rachel team, America, is having a blast and building some great skill along the way.  You can literally see her giggling as she dribbles the ball in one of these pictures.

Ridgewood - Carlo's Bakery
Rachel and I went on a Daddy-daughter date on Saturday and ended up Ridgewood at Creatively Yours.  Not a surprise given Rachel's love of art.  We were looking for Color Me Mine and I figured they had just bought out the franchise and only realized after we left that the real Color Me Mine was 6 doors down.  All good.  Rachel made a special surprise for Ian's birthday which is next weekend.

Since we were in the neighborhood we walked around and I had heard Carlo, from Cake Boss had opened a store in Ridgewood.  We went exploring and found it.  They don't make eggless cakes, so Ian is out of luck for his birthday, but they do make great cupcakes and sprinkle cookies, so Rachel and I figured we would find out what the hullabaloo is all about.  It did nothing to break my allegiance to Bea's Bakery, but some of the cakes on display were impressive.  Rachel wants to have her next birthday there to do a cake decorating party.

The Google
I was back in California last week at the headquarters in Mountain View for a meeting with one of my client.  Pretty cool to be at Google and have a badge that gets access and the ability to talk around.  I was told I could include a picture of this slide since it is in a public lobby - pretty darn cool, but did not take it for a spin.

Yesterday, since it was Columbus Day, Beth and the kids visited me at work in NYC.  By far the scooters and the slides were their favorites.  Of course they did not mind all the food at their fingertips. From there I went back to work and they explored the city including a stop at Dylan's Candy Bar, bumping into a Columbus Day Parade and going to Central Park.  We ate dinner inside Chelsea Market, which was a real treat for me as I have no reason to explore the food there too much with all of my free cuisine.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup - amazing!!

Food Corner
The most unusual thing I had in the last week was the Pumpkin Srirachi Sauce Fro-Yo. Sweet on entry and burning on the back end (not literally :-)).  Amazing combination of sweet and hot that I would never have put together.  Move over Menchies!  For those that saw The Internship, the food at Google in Mountain View is beyond crazy.  I discovered Slice this time around which is a smoothie bar that is open all day.  I had one that was a combination of almond milk, bananas and cocoa.  Pretty amazing! Finally, I have to highlight my find of the week.  I went to breakfast and right there sitting between the egg whites and the turkey bacon was a potato knish.  Pure heaven and one of my all-time favorite foods.  Yes, a paragraph about food and I have not even scratched the surface.

Be Like Him
For those of us that are the youngest in our families, we get swept up doing what our older siblings do with us or to us sometimes.  I can remember a picture much like this one from when I was a kid and my brothers dressed me up in a full football uniform.  This time it was Rachel's turn to pretend being DeSean Jackson courtesy of her brother's locker room located in our ManCave.  They really have a blast playing together!

Beauty in the City
I spotted these mums on my way to work last week and it made me stop in my track.  I guess I am not the typical New Yorker yet as I stopped and took a picture.  Yes, several people then stopped and looked at what I was doing as I am sure I looked a bit out of place.

We are preparing for another visitor from the Left Coast next weekend.  My brother Owen is coming out here for a long awaited trip to a Philadelphia Eagles Football game in Philadelphia.  For those that know us, this has been a long time in coming as we have been to games in LA, Arizona, San Francisco, San Diego and New York, but never in Philly.  Not only will we be at the Eagles-Cowboys game for 1st place in the NFC lEast, but also we will be celebrating Owen and Ian's birthdays the same day.  If we get to Pat or Geno's and Eagles win it will be a top 10 day!


  1. Enjoy the Linc, Mike! I went two years ago on Thanksgiving weekend for the first time. Don't get into any fights, lol! If you can't make it to Pat's or Geno's , go to Tony Luke's instead on Oregon Ave near Front St. in South Philly. Was just there Sunday night. Get a roast pork instead of a cheesesteak...


  2. No swine for sortof-kosher Solly but I'll take the recommendation. :)
    Mike's jealous friend Barbara