Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The First Kiss of Winter - Week 14

First real snow
Back yard
Front Yard
This morning we got our first real taste of winter as we awoke to snow falling.  It is not exactly like Philly was on Sunday, but we expect a few inches by the end of the day.  Ian ran right out into it this morning and had a great time pretending he was in Philly on Sunday playing football in 8 inches of snow.  I love seeing how magical this is for the kids.  A winter wonderland.

Afternoon Update
When Ian got home from school he had his friend Jack over and after a quick stop at DQ (see the picture to prove it), they had quite a good time in the backyard playing football in the snow, building some pretty ridiculous sized snowballs and then Ian decided to make a snow angel.  We are pretty well covered, but not enough to get the kids their first Snow Day.   Here are a few pictures to give you a flavor for it.  The other boy in the pictures with Ian is his friend Jack and yes, they are eating DQ because why not!!
Ian and Jack and....DQ

More Special Guests from the West Coast
We welcomed my parents to town the past week and it was great to have them in town.  My kids absolutely love having them around and my dad got his first chance to experience Woodcliff Lake, which he called "charming".  They came for their tour of Google yesterday and much like everyone else, were sort of amazed at what is going on here.  Of course the food was a big hit - especially the Chocolate Decadence cake and the Espresso Creme Brulee. They are heading back just in time to hopefully not get stuck too bad in the snow and winter weather.

We also took a trip into NYC to see the holiday decorations.  I took a few shots of the windows to give everyone a flavor for it.  We also ran into some mice and then headed over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.  I was having a great laugh with some native New Yorkers today that I was a bit disappointed by the tree itself.  It has been built up my entire life and you add to that the tree in the Grove in LA is massive, which they claim it is bigger than Rockefeller Center...and it is!!  Sure it is not freezing cold and does not feel like the holidays, but LA wins this one.  Just saying.

Hannukah, Oh Hannukah
Cartier Store in NYC
Beth and I went to a Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanza Mystery Masquerade party on Saturday night that a friend my mine was throwing and I got a bit carried away with our masks.  Let's just say we won the prize for most festive and most creative plus most thought we bought them or bought a kit.  I just had a vision and went with it. Happy Hannukah!!

Liberty Science Center
Beth made a great discovery 2 weekends ago when we visited this science center which is on the New Jersey side of the Hudson, but in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty.
Supposedly David Blaine is affiliated with it which to me is all you had to say.  They had some great exhibits including a temporary exhibit on the history of pro football.  Ian was in hog heaven and got to meet George Martin, the Hall of Fame defensive lineman who won a Super Bowl with the Giants.  Really nice guy with HUUUUGE hands!  He makes the rings look smaller than they are.  Both kids had fun trying on shoulder pads and the later on they both went rock climbing at another exhibit.  Finally, Rachel got to play with some marshmallows as she built her own molecule.  When you come to town, we got the family pass so we can take visitors!
Marshmallow Molecule

 Rachel - The Reading Machine
There comes a time when it just clicks and Rachel's light has not only gone off, but is on turbo mode.  Her ability has grown by leaps and bounds and the neat part of all of this is the fact that she is reading every sign when we are out.  It is like having a new toy, you just want to use it all day long.  To say the least, she is in a great groove with her teacher Mrs. Agovino who we all adore. 

Real Housewives of Woodcliff Lake
Beth had a girls night out last week with some great friends she has made through both the school and the synagogue.  The details of what happened are securely under lock and key but from what I know there were a few libations and possibly a game or two of ping pong.

Sunday Traditions
That is a real fire!!
Ian and I have sort of crafted a new tradition on Sunday afternoons that combines our Man Cave with watching football, starting a fire in the fireplace and of course following our fantasy football team with the help of the Red Zone channel - maybe the best creation of all time!!  We had a good fire going last weekend and welcomed my dad into the fold although it took a while for the heat of the fire to overcome the 20 degree temperatures outside.  Ian has made it into his fantasy football playoffs and is now in the semis of The Search Agency's league.  Are you smarter than a 4th grader?

Traveling Man
I have been traveling non-stop the past few weeks so not a ton of foodie updates from Google but I will say that I think I have had brussel sprouts prepared at least 10 different ways now.  The highlight this morning was a broccoli, tomato, gruyere frittata with a side of asparagus.  No better way to start the day after walking in what was a beautiful light snowfall.

We will be in LA in a few weeks and will do our best to see everyone.