Friday, September 6, 2013

The Adventure in New Jersey Begins - Week 1

Our adventure is now a week old and I am finally getting around to start our family's adventure blog.  We found out today that our moving truck will show up on Sunday so we will have a busy weekend, the day before the kids start school and I start my new job.

Today, Rachel said "New Jersey now feels like my home."  I think that pretty much sums up how we are all feeling after a week here.  Slowly but surely we are getting adjusted and starting to explore the surrounding area.  Tonight we ate dinner in Westwood at a little place called The Iron Horse.  Good little burger joint and really charming town.  The thing we have noticed here is there are more mom and pops and fewer chains, which is such a nice departure from LA.

Here are some highlights since this is a big catch up blog post:

Airport - hanging out at Newark Airport last Friday night, which seems like a lifetime ago.  We learned all about Uber car on this trip and it is our new favorite service.

NYC Outing - we took our first trip to the city on Sunday and had lunch at Carnegie's Deli and then walked across town to Dylan's Candy Bar with stops at the Lego store, American Girl and the NBA Store.

Hillsdale - Rachel and I ventured out to Hillsdale on Monday and there are a few blocks of shops including a little butcher who makes good sandwiches and a hardware store.

Here we are eating the fruits of our labor in Hillsdale, our first meal at our new house in Woodcliff Lake on the front porch.  Finally, here is a picture of Rachel enjoying her new backyard which to her is like a playground.  She has a lot of grass area to roam around and the house came with a huge piece of playground equipment complete with a slide, climbing ropes and even a few swings (see below).

Tomorrow Rachel starts soccer and we hope to explore Ridgewood as our tour of local towns continue.  Ian will probably start soccer team after he practiced with two different teams this week and decided which team was a better fit for him.  

It is all slowly coming together and we cannot wait to spend a night in our new home - hoping for Wednesday night, which is the day Ian's new bed arrives.

For those that don't have it, our new address is: 28 Highview Avenue, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

Mike's new email address is:


  1. Goooooo, Solomons! You all look wonderful. So happy to see you HAPPY.

  2. jackie and I are thrilled you guys look great keep the posts
    coming we love your blog

  3. So cool! Seems like the adventure is off to a great start! Love the blog...keep it coming!

  4. Judging by the size of that luggage it looks to me like I could have in fact fit in one of those suitcases. Have fun!